A New Handbag

New Image

Sometimes, I know I really want a certain thing. This time around, that ‘thing’ was a small handbag. But for some reason, I just couldn’t find the right one. I actually didn’t really know what I wanted. The only thing I knew was that I really wanted one. Do you know that feeling? I hope you do and I don’t sound like a mad (young) woman.

After going to lots of different stores (including stores in Vienna!) and looking online, I kind of sort of gave up. Sounds dramatic, I know, but I decided that I would just wear my mom’s old small backpack for the time being.

Butttt, yesterday I ran into this cute number! It was everything I didn’t know I wanted. On the one side it is very simple but it also has some cute details and the colour is just wonderful. It also features a couple of little pockets. To be exact: a pocket for your phone, a bigger pocket (my wallet fits in it perfectly) and a pocket that you close with a zipper.

If you’re wondering, these are all of the ‘specs’:

  • Brand: Burkely
  • Bag: Stacey Star Small Handbag
  • Colour: Sand
  • Price: €129,95
  • Material: 100% Genuine Leather

All right, let’s get on with the pictures shall we?


Another thing I love about this bag: it can stand up on its own! The leather is quite sturdy, yet it doesn’t feel ‘hard’, the leather feels soft, but just isn’t flexible.

DSC00560As you can see, this is a type of leather that isn’t supposed to look perfect, which I love. I hate feeling like I have to be extremely careful with a bag.


What do you call these? Little metal studs that prevent the bottom of the bag from damaging? Let’s just keep it at that :). They’re awesome.



I think this little thingy (another thing I don’t know what to call) is really cute.


I think by now you understand I really enjoy this bag, so I’ll save you from further blabbering (that’s an existing word, obviously) about this bag.

I do want to quickly tell you something about the size though. I would say its a bit bigger than an ipad (the interior) and quite small.  I can fit in my tablet, a small bottle of water, my travel diary, my wallet, my phone and a small pencil case. That’s everyting I need!

If you’re still on a summer break, have fun while it lasts!

A Young Mademoiselle (my god it feels good to end a post like this)

What’s your absolute favourite bag?



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