A Proper Welcome

Some flowers to welcome you : )

I guess I never (I know, I’m exaggerating mom) really introduced this blog . Like properly. I did write quite a witty description about myself here. But I have yet to tell you about the content and the frequency of posts on this thingy I can call my blog.

The content

I love many things. And since I write about things I enjoy doing or reading (although you’re technically doing something when you’re reading XD) the topics on this blog will vary. A lot. From nailpolish to my galaxy s6 to my newest cookbook, I might just write about it.

Because of all of these different topics I decided to create 6 main categories. You can find these categories in ‘topics’ in the menu bar.

  1. Fashion
  2. Beauty
  3. Food
  4. Travel
  5. Lifestyle
  6. Thoughts

In case this category leaves you wondering, let me explain. I can be quite philosophical at times according to my friends and family. I get their point. So in this category you’ll be able to read some of my thoughts at moments when I’m flooded with them.

The frequency

I’ll write whenever I can and feel like it. I love it! For now I think I’ll write a blogpost once every two weeks. In the holidays I think a post will appear weekly.

I hope I’ve informed you enough!

A Young Mademoiselle

PS. I choose to blog anonymously because I don’t want to be afraid of writing certain things that would make me feel embarrassed around my friends and family. Not that I should feel that way, because they’re very open-minded friendly people : ).



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