Three Light Blue Outfits

Hiiii! Sorry for my extremely happy greeting : ). Sorry for apologising for being happy mum. Anyway. Today’s post is about light blue clothing pieces. Which make me happy. Light blue is my favourite colour after all!

I think you’ll love these outfits because I think they’re all very wearable (I’m thinking so much XD). I created all of these outfits using Polyvore. It’s a really cool site that I’ve been using for about two years now. The little boxes with items function as links!

Outfit #1: Romantic

Summer 2016 #1

Summer 2016 #1 van lotte-kersten met white skinny jeans


This first outfit is an outfit I imagine myself (or you, maybe?) wearing visiting a university or a museum. I love how romantic and simple it is. I think the beige jeans paired with the off-the-shoulder blouse and classic bag make this outfit look chic, but not in an extremely posh way. Do you feel me?

Since I don’t really wear heels (more like can’t wear heels), I would probably wear this outfit with my favourite ballet flats from Paul Green. I can’t find them in the right colour for some reason, but I own this pair in a light brown suede version. I also own the watch. I freaking love it. I freaking hate the word freaking. But yet I’m using it. Freaky.


Outfit #2: Summery

Summer 2016 #2

Summer 2016 #2 van lotte-kersten met honeycomb jewelry

Do you despise hot and sweaty summer days? I know I do. This is the kind of outfit I think is very nice on a day like that. I love the neckline of this top, I find it verryyy flattering! I also don’t mind the fact that I can be completely oblivious about bending over and stuff. Thank you high neckline.

I paired the light blue skirt with light pink accessories, cognac sandals and finally a cognac-coloured bag. I love to pair pink with blue (obviously, I did so in every single outfit) because I think it looks really sweet and just.. well, cute.

Oh, before I move on to the last outfit, can someone please teach me how to make my hair look like that? I wish I knew how to make my hair look so messy, but in a good way : ).

Outfit #3: Somewhat casual?

Summer 2016 #3

Summer 2016 #3 by lotte-kersten featuring a leather shoulder bag


I consider this outfit more of a casual outfit (even though it’s still quite classy, but I just can’t help myself). I would love to wear an outfit like this to school. I’d probably feel like a ‘bawse’ (does anyone else watch superwoman?) . Cue Beyonce ‘Run The World (girls)’.

I chose for cool tones in this outfit: white, grey, dark blue, pink, silver. I think these colours make the outfit look very fresh, which I love (I seem to ‘love’ everything in this post XD).

Does anyone know where to get some really nice low comfortable heels that look cute? Like, really comfortable, comfortable enough for someone that has never worn heels (a.k.a. me)?

I hope you liked today’s post!

A Young Mademoiselle

PS. Which outfit is your favourite?


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