Visiting Vienna

‘Apfelstrudel’ at a bakery called ‘Gerstner’

What are your favourite childhood memories? I remember sitting on my father’s lap watching the movie Sissi. Many times. It was, and still is my all time favourite movie (technically movies, since there are three of them).

This summer I got to visit Vienna. Wait. Let me rephrase that. This summer I chose to visit Vienna. At times I don’t realise I’m nearly 18, nearly legally adult, and get taken pretty seriously by my parents.

I truly felt like a princess, even though I don’t know what it actually feels like to be a princess. We (my parents and I ) slept in a beautiful hotel where I  had my own room. It felt magical to wake up realising that I was in VIENNA, in my own hotel room. I would wake up, walk up to the big window in my room, open it, and just look around. The buildings almost looked royal and had gorgeous little details. I couldn’t and still can’t fathom how it’s possible that mankind created such gorgeous buildings from things on this planet. Can you?

The buildings were not the only things that left me amazed.

  1. The people in every damn  store I visited were really polite and helpful. Well, apart from the grumpy man in an H&M. Apparently he thought it was extremely necessary that the door leading towards the fitting rooms was closed. I don’t think he realised my mum and I kind off felt like we got locked up. Oh well.
  2. Street music in a city isn’t rare. However, I have never seen someone play the violin in public. Guess what. I saw (more like heard) multiple people play the violin in Vienna. I guess I really like violin music now.
  3. I was really excited to go to Sissi’s (and other royals’, obviously) palaces. But I was just, I don’t even know what word to use, stunned by the Schönnbrunn palace and its garden. The palace is massive but the garden. My god the garden. I guess the fact there’s an entire zoo in it says enough.
  4. The food. We went to a restaurant twice a day, every day (we ate breakfast in the hotel). I ate really good food whilst I was there. My favourite? ‘Kaiserschmarrn’ at café Impérial. This description won’t really do it justice, but: it’s basically shredded really fluffy sweet pancake with a berry sauce. If you ever go to Vienna, definitely go to this café. Trust me. And while I’m at it, I also recommend visiting the bathroom there. Yes, I said ‘visit’, because it truly felt like a ‘visit’ to me.

Are you in for some pictures? Obviously you’re thinking yessss right now : ). All right then. Here you go.

‘Fritatensuppe’at ‘Fromme Helene’. Whenever I visit Austria, I order this soup. I love it.
A massive ‘Wiener Schnitzel’ at ‘Fromme Helene’. It was good, just too big. Way too big.
My favourite restaurant in Vienna, apart from café Impérial. ‘Sole’.
I ordered a pizza cardinale (ham + mozzarella) . It was freshly baked in a stone oven. A really really good pizza.
Yes, this is ice cream served in a lemon.It’s called a ‘sorbetto limone’. It was very tasty!
The Kaiserschmarrn I told you about. The best I’ve ever had.
‘Bratwurst mit rösti und sauerkraut’. I guess this is very Austrian, but I didn’t really enjoy it. The sausages were great but I found the rest a bit disappointing.

Vienna, you made me happy.

A Young Mademoiselle

PS. Have you ever fallen in love with a city?





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