Two of my favourite things (Essie review)

“These are a few of my favourite things.” (Props to you if you know the entire song 😉01-1-1.jpgThe things pictured above truly are ‘some my favourite things’. And by ‘the things’ I don’t mean the pen and notebooks in the background. I mean those two little bottles that say ‘essie’ on them. I guess we call those thingies nailpolishes.

So. What are the names of these nail polishes? And why do I like them that much? Let’s start off with the nail polish on the left.04Name: ‘Mademoiselle’, number  13 (I guess my love for this nailpolish was meant to be XD)

This is what it looks like on my nails:

I am wearing two coats.

LRM_EXPORT_20160825_111456-1.jpgI love this nail polish because I feel like it makes my hands look very elegant. The colour is very settle, but juuust notable enough. It’s a very, very pale pink, so it looks really fresh. Also: bonus point for this colour because you can barely see it when it chips #genius (even though this nail polish stays on really well).

Both nail polishes are quite thin, which I like, because it makes the nail polish dry really quickly. Do you hate not being able to do anything because ‘you’re nails are drying’ too? I feel so stupid, when my mum asks me to do something and I’m just sitting there being a total diva. ‘Sorry mum, can’t help, gotta let my nails dry.’ Gosh I hate that feeling (side-note: I’m not really an angel when it comes to chores though, just saying).

Essie may not make the absolute cheapest nail polish (I paid 10 euros), but I use this nail polish plenty, so for me it’s worth the price. Actually: in this picture you can see how much I really like this nail polish:Mama's en de mijne See! I’m telling the truth here. I wear this nail polish very often.

I think it’s about time I show you the other polish. Even though I technically already showed you the polish in the opening picture. But you get what I’m trying to say. I’m confident you do. Anyway. Let’s continue.

Whereas ‘mademoiselle’ is a very settle colour, Angora Cardi, number 42, (there we go, this is no longer a mysterious bottle) is quite a bold colour. But not the in-your-face kind of bright.*Coughs*  I was very into neon a couple of years ago (I literally wore bright blue nailpolish every day) I consider it a very elegant and feminine colour. I think both of these colours are timeless and classics in your nail polish wardrobe :).  So you can basically still wear them when you’re a grandma. How wonderful XD. unused6-1.jpg

I am wearing one coat.

As you can see, the nailpolish is quite dark ,which might not be very ‘summery’ (luckily it’s almost fall!!). But I just happen to be the kind of person who still wears dark blue in summer and light pink in winter though. Yup. If I had to describe this colour for you, I’d say it’s a mauvy/ reddy/ browny colour. (Yes, yes, I know, such an amazing way to describe it, ahum) I think you can pair it with any outfit!

I also love this nail polish because I can easily get away with just wearing one coat! I literally am done doing my nails in about fifteen minutes. That’s kind of miraculous, right?

I think that’s all I wanted to say really. I hope you enjoyed this post! Do you like many pictures? Or was it a bit too much? Do let me know!

A Young Mademoiselle

Ps. These nail polishes were also featured in my last outfits post. You can find that post right here.


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