My perfect watch (Fossil tailor)

Get ready for pictures. Lots of them.01-1.jpgI think you might recognise this. Many of the items I own are not perfect in my eyes. I like them. Obviously. I wouldn’t have bought them if I didn’t. But if I could, there’s something I would change. Even it’s just the tiny zipper on a massive bag that you barely notice. Recognisable?

So that’s why I’m writing about this watch today. Because my nitpicky self can not find a single thing she would change in this watch.

Before I bombard you with more pictures, I will tell you a little somethin’ about this watch. If you really pay attention (do I sound like you teacher? sorry if I do XD) you will have noticed that this watch is made by fossil. Or we can all agree that my photography skills are good enough for the tiny letters ‘fossil’ to be very readable : ). Conclusion: this watch is made by fossil.

To be exact: this is the ‘tailor multi function leather watch’ made by fossil. You can find it here. If you clicked on the link (have you??) you will know that this watch comes in different colours. Since I was on the hunt for a silver watch (every damn jewelry piece I own is silver) I opted for this one. And by this one, I mean the ‘ES3806P’. Such a wonderful way to name a watch. Ahum. (I get that codes are necessary)

If you REALLY pay attention (to the point where I’m starting to worry XD), it will have caught your eye that the ‘ES3806P’ doesn’t come with a grey band. It actually comes with an ivory-coloured band. Which looks like this:PICT0054.JPGI however recently bought a new band for my watch when I was in Vienna. I just walked into a fossil store and asked if they had the 16 mm grey strap. As simple as that. For some reason, I can’t find my exact strap online. I can only find this one, but that doesn’t have silver hardware….

I think it’s about time I show off my watch.What time is it? Picturetime! (#highschoolmusicalthrowback)04-1.jpg03-1.jpgEnough pictures? One more, just one more ; ). I really love this watch. But I also really love photography04-2.jpgWhat is it about this watch that makes me love it so much? Well, if you’re asking : ). These are my favourite things:

  1. The fact that it’s silver.
  2. The two little radarthingies that show the date and the day.
  3. The size. My wrists are quite small, but this watch isn’t too big or too small. It’s quite dainty actually, which suits my style very well.

I hope you enjoyed this post! And I hope the pictures didn’t bore you : ). And I hope that I didn’t sound like saleswoman. I hope a lot I guess.

A Young Mademoiselle

PS This post isn’t sponsored.

PPS I featured this watch in this post.

Do you own an item that’s perfect in you eyes? If you do, please tell me all about it!


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