Some new footwear (ft. Adidas stan-smith)

Have you joined the hype yet? Because I just did. Warning: This post is ‘picture-rich’. 

01-1These shoes were all over the internet. Well. Not literally these shoes, because these shoes are only to be found on my Instagram, Pinterest and blog. And closet. And not literally all over the internet either. Obviously. So let me rephrase that sentence. Adidas made a banging comeback with their superstars and ‘stan-smiths (?)’. That’s better right?

All right, let’s get started shall we? While I was in Vienna, I tried on some Adidas shoes (side-note, I never liked them before), but unfortunately, I couldn’t find my size anywhere. Back home, I decided to order them online. So I did. At first, I thought I accidentally bought the black version. Since I was a bit disappointed, I didn’t really pay attention (stupid me XD). Guess what. When I went to the store to return them, the lady told me they were navy! I felt quite stupid… After trying them on again I wasn’t sure about the size, but luckily the one-size bigger version was also in stock! I ended up getting those. That’s why I recommend trying them on in a bigger size than you usually wear if you decide to buy them. They are quite narrow. (BTW, I usually wear a size 40, UK: 7 US: 7.5, and I bought these in a size 40 2/3, UK: 7.5 US: 8)

Enough talking. I want to show you some pictures :). Or maybe pictures speak for themselves and we’re still talking in some way after all? 0203

As you can see my shoes still look quite clean, which I must say is quite impressive considering the amount of use I’ve already gotten out of them. I actually wore them to Copenhagen and walked around in them for five days! That may not seem like a lot, but it sure was. I remember vividly how wonderful it felt to lay down after a long day :).

I do notice that the leather damages quite easily, because it’s quite a thin layer. But to me that’s not a massive deal. For me, the comfort makes up for the little damaged pieces of leather. Wait. I haven’t talked about that have I? It’s actually my favourite thing about these sneakers. They’re REALLY comfortable because they support my feet much better than for example, my converse. The sole is not too soft, and not too hard either.

I don’t like wearing walking shoes. They’re just not, Instagram-worthy I guess. They just don’t really go with my theme you know? Juuuust kidding! But seriously, I’d much rather wear these since to me, they look very cute! I’m not saying these are more comfortable than walking shoes. But you get what I’m saying right04-1-1.jpgI’m really glad I bought these shoes. They’re comfortable and cute! Just don’t expect them to look brand new for years.

I hope you liked this post! Have you gotten a pair of Adidas shoes yet?

A Young Mademoiselle

Ps Shoutout to my sister for being the model in these pictures :).


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