Some new footwear (ft. Adidas stan-smith)

Have you joined the hype yet? Because I just did. Warning: This post is ‘picture-rich’. 

01-1These shoes were all over the internet. Well. Not literally these shoes, because these shoes are only to be found on my Instagram, Pinterest and blog. And closet. And not literally all over the internet either. Obviously. So let me rephrase that sentence. Adidas made a banging comeback with their superstars and ‘stan-smiths (?)’. That’s better right?

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My perfect watch (Fossil tailor)

Get ready for pictures. Lots of them.01-1.jpgI think you might recognise this. Many of the items I own are not perfect in my eyes. I like them. Obviously. I wouldn’t have bought them if I didn’t. But if I could, there’s something I would change. Even it’s just the tiny zipper on a massive bag that you barely notice. Recognisable?

So that’s why I’m writing about this watch today. Because my nitpicky self can not find a single thing she would change in this watch.

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Three Light Blue Outfits

Hiiii! Sorry for my extremely happy greeting : ). Sorry for apologising for being happy mum. Anyway. Today’s post is about light blue clothing pieces. Which make me happy. Light blue is my favourite colour after all!

I think you’ll love these outfits because I think they’re all very wearable (I’m thinking so much XD). I created all of these outfits using Polyvore. It’s a really cool site that I’ve been using for about two years now. The little boxes with items function as links!

Outfit #1: Romantic

Summer 2016 #1

Summer 2016 #1 van lotte-kersten met white skinny jeans


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A New Handbag

New Image

Sometimes, I know I really want a certain thing. This time around, that ‘thing’ was a small handbag. But for some reason, I just couldn’t find the right one. I actually didn’t really know what I wanted. The only thing I knew was that I really wanted one. Do you know that feeling? I hope you do and I don’t sound like a mad (young) woman.

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