A smoooooothie


Do you like your smoothies smooth? I certainly do. I always feel slightly ridiculous when I’m blending my smoothie for the fourth time (yes, I actually do that). But I just hate lumpy, grainy smoothies. I like mine to have the texture of an actual smoothie. I guess drinks that are called smoothies but aren’t smooth, shouldn’t be called smoothies (how many times did I use ‘smooth’ in that sentence?). I hereby call those ‘grainies’.

Today’s recipe is nothing like those grainies. This drink is an actual smoothie, a sweet, refreshing, fruity, summery one at that. It also happens to be good for you :).LRM_EXPORT_20160824_154219

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Three Light Blue Outfits

Hiiii! Sorry for my extremely happy greeting : ). Sorry for apologising for being happy mum. Anyway. Today’s post is about light blue clothing pieces. Which make me happy. Light blue is my favourite colour after all!

I think you’ll love these outfits because I think they’re all very wearable (I’m thinking so much XD). I created all of these outfits using Polyvore. It’s a really cool site that I’ve been using for about two years now. The little boxes with items function as links!

Outfit #1: Romantic

Summer 2016 #1

Summer 2016 #1 van lotte-kersten met white skinny jeans


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A Proper Welcome

Some flowers to welcome you : )

I guess I never (I know, I’m exaggerating mom) really introduced this blog . Like properly. I did write quite a witty description about myself here. But I have yet to tell you about the content and the frequency of posts on this thingy I can call my blog.

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A New Handbag

New Image

Sometimes, I know I really want a certain thing. This time around, that ‘thing’ was a small handbag. But for some reason, I just couldn’t find the right one. I actually didn’t really know what I wanted. The only thing I knew was that I really wanted one. Do you know that feeling? I hope you do and I don’t sound like a mad (young) woman.

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