Hi there! Welcome to ‘A Young Mademoiselle’.

I could just plainly tell you something about myself. I could. But I just don’t feel like doing so today. So instead I will try to explain the title (and the subtitle) to you.

I chose ‘A Young Mademoiselle’ because:

  1. I consider myself young (17 years old at the moment)
  2. I adore the French language (really, I do, I used ‘adore’ on purpose because ‘adorer’ is a French verb 🙂 )
  3. I like to think of myself as a ‘mademoiselle’. I guess this could sound a bit odd. But at times I am beginning to feel like an elegant young lady.
Yes, that is a pleonasm. 

I adore (I may or may not just have used this word again to slightly annoy you) school. Uhm, I know, sounds obscene, weird, strange, or whatever other word your brain currently uses. But I just truly do. Well, apart from the pushing teachers and  the never-ending ‘not being able to find a place to sit during break’ situation.

You might still be wondering what me loving school has to do with the subtitle. The correlation is actually really simple, I learnt what a pleonasm is at school. So that’s that.

It’s a pleonasm because a mademoiselle is a young lady by definition. And I mentioned it because it’s a very typical thing to do for me. I am quite ‘nitpicky’.

For now, I think that’s all you need to know about me. I really hope you’ll return to this website (shameless advertising, I know) and maybe, perhaps, comment on something?

A Young Mademoiselle

Ps. Cool you’re still reading this. I just wanted to say that I’m not always as witty : )



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